sábado, enero 06, 2007

Cómo vender un acuerdo de libre comercio

El gobierno coreano sí que sabe vender los acuerdos comerciales que está negociando con distintos países:

Free trade agreements with the United States, Japan, China and Southeast Asia would put more than 100,000 South Koreans out of work over the next 10 years, a government estimate has said. In a report submitted to parliament on Monday, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy said some 13,400 local companies would come under pressure to cut their workforce amid mounting imports.

De todos modos, todo se soluciona con unos pocos won:

"We are still recommending FTAs as their benefits are greater than disadvantages," a ministry spokesman told AFP. Along with the report, the ministry asked for a budget of one billion won (1.1 million dollars), including 760 million won for consulting services for the companies which would be hit hard by FTAs.

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