domingo, abril 06, 2008

Fitter Happier More Productive

Radiohead lo hace de nuevo. Luego de haber generado una mini revolución con el lanzamiento de In Rainbows directamente a través de internet, ahora presenta su último single partido en pedacitos y listo para ser remixado a gusto del usuario. Blog Fabrica lo cuenta así:

This is pretty cool. To celebrate this week’s single release of “Nude,” Radiohead have broken up the song into pieces for you. You can buy the separate components or ‘stems’ (bass, voice, guitar, strings/FX and drums) and remix your own version of the song with your own beats and instrumentation or just remixing the original parts. You can also upload it to a site where people will listen and vote for their favourite. There are already a lot of them, some really really nice. is the site you are looking for.

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