martes, abril 24, 2007

Barbarians at the gates!

La acreditación de un blogger como periodista full time en las Naciones Unidas genera un debate entretenido respecto a los cambios que está impulsando el "nuevo periodismo":

Now the UN, like other governmental and international institutions, is increasingly facing questions of access and accreditation for journalists who are not associated with larger media organizations - and whose activities seem to blur across the lines of traditional journalism.


In this large pool of reporters, an added complication for UN officials comes from the often-murky differences between bloggers, journalists and advocates. Many blogs, after all, are popular for lively cocktails of reporting, commentary and agenda-pushing that transcend journalistic ethics. And Dujarric said that one of the biggest challenges for the UN is to balance concerns of openness, security and professional standards in the face of increased interest from members of the new media.

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