martes, julio 27, 2010

Sobre el periodismo en tiempos de Internet

En el excelente resumen semanal de Nieman Lab encontré esta noticia interesante sobre periodismo en la era de Twitter:

The last story I’ll note is today’s resignation of blogger-reporter Dave Weigel from The Washington Post after some negative remarks about conservatives that he sent to an off-the-record listserv surfaced online. [Full disclosure: I used to be Dave's boss at The Washington Independent and am his friend.] We’ll see lots of conversation about this in the coming days, but it’s already raising questions. Is there a safe space journalists can be allowed to express their opinions? Do the old rules about journalists not having opinions — or at least not sharing them — still make sense in an online age? Does a newspaper like the Post, which has recently hired three reporter-bloggers, have room for people who can report but also have a point of view? And if newspapers define themselves as having the view from nowhere, will they be able to compete with all the online outlets that don’t feel bound by those same rules?

El debate en Argentina parece ser bastante menos sofisticado y probablemente la debilidad de nuestras instituciones jamás permita plantear una discusión en estos términos. De todos modos, el tema no deja de ser relevante ante el entusiasmo -saludable y algo inocente- con el que se están subiendo a Twitter los periodistas argentinos en estos últimos meses.

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