lunes, julio 28, 2008

The indian way

BusinessWeek publica un interesante artículo sobre el proceso de I+D en la India. Ante las falencias del sistema educativo, las empresas optan por invertir fuertemente en capacitación interna, gestión del conocimiento y empoderamiento de los empleados:

The R&D jobs that result in these breakthroughs usually require advanced degrees. And going by the graduation numbers, India's R&D machine should be imploding, not expanding. So how is India doing it?

My team traveled to India and met with chief executives, human resources directors, R&D managers, and visited the R&D and training facilities of 24 leading companies to find out. We were amazed by what we learned.

Faced with severe talent shortages, escalating salaries, and a lagging education system, Indian industry had to rethink the way it recruited, trained, developed, and retained its workforce. It started by adapting the best practices of companies that were outsourcing R&D to India. Then leading companies in diverse industries started improving on these techniques and methods; they refined and integrated them into a unified system. We found innovation in several areas.

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