viernes, enero 11, 2008

Lo más de lo más para 2008

El IHT nos cuenta cuáles serán las tendencias del marketing en este año que comienza.

Parece que tendremos que pintarnos de azul...

So in 2008 marketers increasingly will link environmental messages with the color blue rather than green, Mack said. This is more than just a superficial rebranding, she insisted. The issues associated with what Mack called "environmentalism 2.0" - climate change and access to clean water - are more clearly signaled by blue, the color of the sky and water, than by green, which many people associate negatively with "tree huggers and sandals," she said.

... y no desesperar por nuestro miserable status!

"Status despair." Trend-spotters like to create buzzwords and phrases to identify the mood of a certain year. This one was coined by to describe the feeling when, say, the owner of a puny Gulfstream private jet takes in the sight of Prince Alwaleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia barreling down the runway in his "flying palace," the customized, double-decker A380 he has ordered from Airbus.

Because the consumption stakes have been raised so high, more people in 2008 are likely to feel status despair, Evers said. Some, particularly in developed countries, will divert from the consumption-as-status pattern and seek consumer gratification in new ways - by counting the number of views of their page on the photo-sharing site Flickr, for instance

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