sábado, diciembre 09, 2006

Marte vs. Venus

Frecuentemente comentamos el blog del International Herald Tribune, que administra Daniel Altman. La semana pasada contó que el 95 % de las personas que escriben en el blog son hombres y se preguntó el por qué... ¡se armó el hecatombe! Muy divertido el debate sobre mujeres, blogs y globalización. Los comentarios son por demás interesantes.

Perhaps the question should be why are so many men feeling the need to leave comments on your blog? Why is it necessary to measure how globalised the female sex is through the number of comments you’ve had on your blog?

My opinion isn’t more valid by choosing to leave a comment to a blog. For a man, this might not be the case. The male ego and competitiveness that the backbone of business and society is simple: leave your stamp and ensure recognition and success will follow. And why should new media and the world of blogging be any different?

Posted by: Tara Kelly — 08 December 2006 6:20 pm

Women don’t comment because 95% of the commentators here are men. Kind of like the situation in economic or political world, where few voices from women are being heard. Actually women do visit blog; they read it, take interest in it, and then… go.

For me, a college girl student in China, I visit IHT and this kind of websites almost every day. I read every article and comment of this blog, which, by the way, is really wonderful. Several times as I wanted to leave a comment, I realized that all the commentators here are men, and I used a man’s name, with the hope to make my arguments seems to more powerful. I don’t know whether there are other female visitors feel in this way, but I do know there are women having the same feeling [in] regard to a lot of fields of this globalizing world.

We do want to share what we know and how we feel. The problem is, where is the perfect arena?

Posted by: H M Peng — 08 December 2006 10:14 pm

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