sábado, marzo 14, 2009


El artículo de ayer me quemó el bocho y no hago más que cargar el Reader hasta el infinito, lanzándome de cabeza en excursiones al ciberespacio sin rumbo demasiado definido. Se mencionan en la nota tres instituciones que todavía no pude relevar del todo pero que sin duda prometen:

The Long Now Foundation

The Long Now Foundation was established in 01996* to develop the Clock and Library projects, as well as to become the seed of a very long term cultural institution. The Long Now Foundation hopes to provide counterpoint to today's "faster/cheaper" mind set and promote "slower/better" thinking. We hope to creatively foster responsibility in the framework of the next 10,000 years.


PUKAR is an innovative and experimental initiative that aims to contribute to a global debate about urbanization and globalization.

PUKAR takes Mumbai as its conceptual base and laboratory for cross-disciplinary research projects. PUKAR organizes seminars, workshops, talks and film screenings in English, Marathi and occasionally other Mumbai languages, and focuses specifically on producing a new space for critical engagement. Its goal is to generate new urban knowledge by encouraging maximum participation of Mumbai’s citizens in this process.

Shack / Slam Dwellers International

Shack/Slum Dwellers International (hereafter, SDI) is a confederation of country-level organizations (called “federations) of the urban poor from 23 countries of the Global South. It was launched in 1996 and became a formally registered entity in 1999. Several well-developed national “federations of community-based organizations of slum and shack dwellers particularly in India, South Africa and Thailand - joined hands to found SDI. Their mission is to link poor urban communities from cities across the South to transfer and adapt the successful mobilization, advocacy, and problem-solving strategies they develop in one location to other cities, countries, and regions.

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