domingo, marzo 01, 2009

Happiness is a warm gun

Vía Ramona llegó a The Pursuit of Happiness, proyecto artístico de nombre tentador como un durazno maduro en una tarde de sol:

The Pursuit of Happiness is a curatorial project that promotes the practice of artists interested in events and actions connected to a phenomenon of happiness. Through presenting their work the project aspires to explore the complex contemporary global idea of happiness and its pursuit.
We solicited work from a diverse range of artists, with the aim of gathering a group of individuals of various origins; mainly those living and working in the UK. Artists were asked to submit a personal statement about the pursuit of happiness.

As a consequence of the range of artworks and proposals submitted The Pursuit of Happiness consists of a variety of political, sociological, psychological and personal responses. These have inspired us to form mutually pervading sections within which the individual works are placed.

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