domingo, febrero 18, 2007

Pepsi y el marketing en el siglo XXI

El tiempo es veloz. Para conquistar a la "Second Life generation", Pepsi piensa introducir cambios regulares a sus etiquetas, además de sumar interactividad a su campañas, en una movida bastante jugada desde el punto de vista del marketing:

Under a new branding strategy, Pepsi is introducing new can and bottle designs every few weeks, planning to sell 20 or more different ones annually in every market. Pepsi has already started selling the new packages in several countries, including China, Australia, Brazil, Mexico and the United States, and they are coming soon to Europe.

For a mainstream consumer brand to vary its packaging so often is a striking departure from marketing convention, which says that brands should strive for consistency. Brands were developed to reassure consumers that they were getting the same product every time they bought it. Why tinker with that formula?


"The future of branding is about recognizing cultural movements, not just creating marks," Arnell said. Though he acknowledged that the idea of changing the packaging so often might be seen as sacrilege by consistency-minded marketing traditionalists, he said it would allow Pepsi to use its cans and bottles as advertising vehicles, not just containers for its drinks.

Y como es domingo, un videito pa´completar:

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