miércoles, febrero 21, 2007

Como NO desarrollar una marca país

Uno de los blogs del Banco Mundial publica un listado de las estrategias que deben desarrollar los países para realmente fracasar en sus estrategias de marca país:

Let's cut to the chase. What are the absolute worst things countries can do as they build their image?

  • Have each agency in your government develop its own, conflicting message and campaign. Each claims it has limited resources, but hey, look around and you find that this same country is spending $500,000 on FDI promotion, $3 - 5 million on tourism, $2 million on cultural events and $1,000,000 on trade promotion – every year.
  • Make sure each of these agencies has a separate, not-so-good website.
  • Do research late, and then ignore it. "We know what people think about us."
  • Start a completely new effort after every election, with a different outside agency.
  • Appoint untrained friends and relatives of the powerful to positions of leadership, because of course this public relations stuff is easy and anyone can do it.
  • Blow your budget on a fancy, one-time insert in a big newspaper for $250,000.
  • Treat the overseas missions as junkets, and decide on dates at the last minute.
  • Avoid consensus building - don't talk to the other political parties or stakeholders about what you're doing.
  • Issue requests for proposals (RFPs) that are intensely bureaucratic, outlining the number of press releases desired, etc. "All outputs, no impact."
  • Finally, have a track record of taking months to pay for services rendered, and for creative interpretation of the contract to avoid payment altogether.
(Sin Metu también levanta el tema y más tarde encuentra algunas fotos interesantes).

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