miércoles, febrero 25, 2009

Annita Cumbia Selecta @ ZZK Records Asia parties

Annita sigue de gira mágica y misteriosa y manda los flyers de sus aventuras. Si alguno llega a estar en Shanghai, Hong Kong o Tokyo por esas fechas (¡nunca se sabe con Internet!), ya lo saben.

Holla from Asia! These are the flyers for the ZZK Records showcase parties I am throwing with DJs in Asia.

I am playing tonight Feb 25th in Shanghai at The Shelter with DJs Elnomo and the Melkman

also Thursday Feb 26th in Hong Kong at Yumla with DJs Enso and Kid Fresh

and finally in Tokyo next Friday and Saturday nights with Moodman, March 6th and 7th...

invite peeps who are around!

Here is a link to check out the style


Anna Browne
Arts Coordinator & Project Manager

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