jueves, marzo 06, 2008

En defensa de Montecristo

Aparentemente trabajar en solitario aumenta la productividad:

And maybe that's been a good thing for my productivity -- because according to a new study, when you can see other workers performing different tasks out the corner of your eye, it slows you down. Tim Welsh, a kinesiologist at the University of Calgary, organized a nifty experiment in which he asked a subject to perform a task on a computer, alongside a partner performing a different computer task. Then he'd get the subject to perform the task while his partner went off to another room.

The result? When subjects were working alongside companions, they worked more slowly.

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Anónimo dijo...

henry sos un grande de la vida

tu mente vuela?

que es de la vida de cande F.¿? sabes algo¿?


Nacho AC

Enrique dijo...

hola nachito! cande está muy bien, con muchos proyectos. se ganó una beca para ir a presentar un guión de cine a río de janeiro. ¿te veo para el casamiento de matías? abz.