miércoles, septiembre 12, 2007

El "milagro" se va normalizando

La escasez de mano de obra calificada está impulsando un aumento de sueldos en China:
Chinese wages are on the rise. No reliable figures for average wages exist; the government's economic data are notably unreliable. But factory owners and experts who monitor the nation's labor market say that businesses are having a hard time finding able-bodied workers and are having to pay the workers they can find more money.

And higher wages in China are likely to lead to higher prices in the United States — at the mall, at the grocery, even at the gas pump.

De todos modos, el escenario actual dista de ser el valhalla de los trabajadores:

This lack of laborers of desirable age is hardly making China a worker's paradise. Factory wages remain extremely low by Western standards: roughly $1 an hour for better-paid workers near the coast, compared with as little as 50 cents early this decade.
Por otro lado, como diría Keynes, in the long term we are dead.

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