martes, agosto 05, 2008

Time vs. Money

Chris Anderson escribe sobre algo obvio pero interesante: a medida que vamos envejeciendo valoramos más el tiempo que el dinero. Él aplica esta sencilla premisa a la descarga de música a través de internet y al hardware libre pero uno podría pensar en ejemplos mucho más mundanos (por ejemplo, optar por pagar la entrada a un boliche a cambio de entrar más rápido, en lugar de tener que fumarse una cola kilométrica y de dudoso acceso).

At some point in your life, you will wake up and discover that you have more money than time. And you will then realize that you should start doing things differently, which means not walking four blocks to find an ATM that doesn't charge a fee, driving for miles to find cheaper gas, or painting your own house.


If you're a kid, you probably have more time than money. That's the force behind MP3 file trading, which is kind of a hassle and but is free (albeit illegal, of course!). As Steve Jobs famously pointed out, if you download music from peer-to-peer services, fixing the messy metadata as you go, the time it takes to avoid paying means you're working for less than minimum wage. Nevertheless, that works if you you're time-rich and money-poor. Free is the right price for you.

But as you get older, the equation reverses and $0.99 here and there no longer seems like a big deal. You migrate into a paying customer, the premium user in the freemium equation.


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