viernes, agosto 08, 2008

Hay que empezar a emitir patentes de corso

El experimento In Rainbows, de Radiohead, dio resultado y ahora un estudio confirma que ser pirateado puede ser un buen negocio. Hay que dejar de pensar en la venta de discos o tracks digitales como el único camino posible para juntar unos billetes dignamente:

“The expectation among rights-holders is that, in order to create a success story, you must reduce the rate of piracy – we’ve found that is not the case,” said Mr Garland, chief executive of Big Champagne, who highlighted the benefits that Radiohead received from the album’s popularity, including strong ticket sales for its concerts this year.

The findings could add impetus to rights-holders’ efforts to license digital services that are at present beyond their reach, following the pattern of the MCPS-PRS Alliance’s recent move to license YouTube, the Google-owned online video-sharing site.

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