sábado, mayo 15, 2010

Todo es concursable

Llegué a Competing Architecture siguiendo el rastro de un concurso de ideas sobre construcción de casas temporales para los damnificados por el terremoto de Haití que ganó un estudio español. El sitio pretende generar una plataforma sencilla para todo tipo de concursos arquitectónicos (¡y esa una profesión en la que justamente abundan los concursos!):

CompetingArchitecture.com was started by a Junior Architect when he had to leave his job in an architecture firm and move to a city where the architecture firms were not hiring. He searched for a job that would fulfill his needs for creativity and participation in the architectural community. While he was looking for a job he depleted his savings and was forced, like many other people in the architectural community, to take a job that left him somewhat unfulfilled. Frustrated by his situation and inspired by stories of other architects and junior architects creating new markets to do what they enjoy for a living, he created CompetingArchitecture.com in the hopes of making the world a better place by doing what he loves.

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