viernes, mayo 07, 2010

Querido diario

The Guardian publicó una nota interesante sobre el proyecto Newspaper Club:

Fortunately for fans of newsprint, some people don't think that way – including the Really Interesting Group, an east London agency that is gaining a reputation for its "post-digital" media projects. The latest scheme? A fledgling business called Newspaper Club that is drawing plaudits – and winning awards – even before it has officially launched.

One reason for the buzz is that the idea is very easy to understand: it allows anybody to print their own newspaper. Just as desktop publishing brought high-end production systems to people's home computers, Newspaper Club gives them the chance to sidestep the daunting process of actually turning files into print products.

But why would they bother? Because there is still enormous value in newsprint, says Russell Davies, who runs the agency with the designer Ben Terrett and the technologist Tom Taylor.

Si bien muchos periódicos tradicionales están experimentando permanentemente para intentar salvarse del Armagedón, hay pocos que se animen a poner la imprenta directamente en manos de sus usuarios. Es curioso, porque el advenimiento de los prosumidores apunta exactamente en esa dirección. Si todos queremos producir contenidos (propios o a través de nuestros mashups personales) es probable que haya un mercado interesante para quienes provean herramientas que profesionalicen este proceso.

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