viernes, marzo 26, 2010

Lucha de clases

Desde que Richard Florida acuñó el concepto "creative class" las ciudades parecen haberse embarcado en un concurso de belleza para atraer y retener a los individuos creativos. De hecho, parte del trabajo que desarrollamos desde Industrias Creativas apunta a consolidar a un sector que siempre estuvo presente en Buenos Aires.

Para los que enamoramos facilmente del concepto en su versión cortada a cuchillo, vale la pena leer este artículo que repasa algunas posiciones encontradas. En The commodification of creativity, por ejemplo, parece quedar claro que hace falta más rigurosidad a la hora de probar el impacto económico de estas políticas. Hay incluso posturas más virulentas y sesudas argumentaciones.

El post de referencia vale la pena, además, por su apuesta al diálogo como característica central de la clase creativa:

In this discourse the traditional skirmish lines seem to be skewed. All of the ire from the left seem to evaporate into a vacuum of hugs from what we thought was the right. In Hamburg the artists occupy, and the city sends talkers and crews to make sure the building is safe. In my interview, I ask this guy tough questions about the exclusion of race and Hiphop from his ideas and he invites me to answer them myself on his site. Coming from the “Fight the Power” generation, this is certainly not what I expected when challenging a dominant ideological discourse. Sometimes I don’t know what the hell is going on myself. All I can say is that, for now at least, it seems to be as broad a conversation as you want to have. Yes there are still barriers but, surprisingly, listening seems to be an emerging trend. I think people are still correct to question the root of that - why are people listening? – but in my opinion, it’s more important that people like those students are taking the time to grow and use their critical skills to make this discourse broad enough that their content and concerns can either find their place within this discourse or expose where improvement of it is necessary. That’s a creative class if I’ve ever seen one.

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