jueves, julio 23, 2009

For Queen and Country

El azar me llevó a una nota sobre Sir Peter Ricketts, una especie de Director Ejecutivo del Foreign Office inglés (el Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores). La verdad es que da envidia la visión que tiene esta gente, a años luz de lo que pasa en nuestra benemérita Cancillería:

Which makes it surprising that, asked about his management style, he is in favour of change. “When it comes to empowering staff to go out and find new ways of influencing and persuading people, which is our core business, I’m all for the minimum control and the maximum scope for innovation.”


He speaks confidently because the FCO undertook a “strategy refresh”, publishing its findings just over a year ago. The bold programme took in work on climate change and global health as well as traditional questions of national security.


A chief information officer has been recruited as has a new finance director. Recently appointed estates managers oversee the global property portfolio.

“This is an increasing trend,” Sir Peter says. “Those sorts of corporate services we’ve got to do in the civil service to the same standard they do in the private sector.”

The FCO has also appointed a director- general for change, “somebody on the board who is dedicated to pushing this change agenda”.

¿Se imaginan a un "Subsecretario para el Cambio" en nuestros ministerios?

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