martes, julio 07, 2009

Armá tu propia ciudad

Como guardo posts viejos mucho más de la cuenta, a veces me entusiasmo con proyectos que ya no existen en el éter. Ese parece ser el destino de I Feel..., una plataforma interesantísima que aparentemente permitía armar recorridos por la ciudad en función de los diferentes estados de ánimo, siguiendo el modelo de Musicovery. Va un fragmento de la crónica original:

Inspired by Musicovery, a music discovery service that suggests songs based on your mood, Andy Whitlock decided to reinvent city search much in the same way. Instead of focusing on the activities themselves, his city search websites let you explore based on your mood.

At I Feel London, I Feel NYC, and IFeelToronto, you can find activities, nightlife, shops, dining, bars, and more based on how you feel: energetic, chilled, manly, sophisticated, romantic, naughty, manly, and even broke. After clicking on your current feeling, the different types of activities appear on the Google map with customized pushpins that match the feeling. For example, "girly" pushpins are a set of smoochy lips, "hungover" pushpins are really dark shades.

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