martes, junio 09, 2009

Mix me, baby!

ThruYOU es un album de siete canciones construidas a partir de fragmentos de músicos amateurs encontrados en Youtube. El proyecto, desarrollado por el músico israelí Kutiman, pone en evidencia el potencial de Internet y la cultura libre como campo de exploración artística y también plantea un debate interesante para una industria que no termina de aprehender el giro copernicano en el que está metida:

ThruYOU is an album of seven original songs, each built from dozens of fragments of video clips of (mostly amateur) musicians, selected from among the seemingly endless footage of music lessons and private recitals archived on YouTube. (You can watch and listen on, Kutiman’s cleverly custom-designed site.) Over what must have been a grueling two months, Kutiman collected an array of striking sounds and images, some no longer than a split second, and pressed them into musical service. Each one now furnishes a note or two, or a groove or a sensibility, in Kutiman’s audiovisual medleys. He has put the fractured universe of musical YouTube in concert. The housebound noodlers of the world now miraculously jam together.

Music bloggers have praised Kutiman for effectively using YouTube as a musical instrument and striking a blow for freedom from corporatized pop music. The project, wrote Jon Newton on P2PNet, is “absolutely, 100 percent guaranteed to inspire artists around the world to produce art which has never been seen before and never could have been seen without the Internet.” Lawrence Lessig, the legal scholar and anti-copyright crusader, cited ThruYOU, which samples wantonly from the publicly available music on the Web, as a vivid lesson in why copyright law cannot hold on the Internet.
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